Rubenstein Partners Operations

Property Management

Kim Battin

Sr. Property Manager, Philadelphia Metro

Deb Wollett-Delso

Property Manager, Philadelphia Metro

Tracy Gray

Property Manager, Indianapolis Metro

Julie Hacker

Sr. Property Manager, Cincinnati Metro

Laura Hilgert

Sr. Property Manager, Atlanta Metro

Patrick Moyers

Sr. Property Manager, Indianapolis Metro

Teddy Pappas

Property Manager, Stamford Metro

Kevin Powell

General Manager, Philadelphia Metro

Michael J. Scarinci

Sr. Property Manager, New York Metro

Stephanie Schroeder

General Manager, Indianapolis Metro

Crystal Urrutia

Sr. Property Manager, DC Metro

Stephanie Wiggins

Sr. Property Manager, Atlanta Metro

Joan Wiacek

Property Manager, Philadelphia Metro

*The property managers identified on this page are employees of RP Operations, LLC, a limited liability company organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which is an affiliate of Rubenstein Partners, L.P. and are primarily based at properties owned, in whole or part, by affiliates of Rubenstein Partners, L.P.