The firm, including its predecessor company, has a 50+ year history as a vertically-integrated owner and operator, with the office asset class serving as our exclusive investment focus over the last 20 years.  This narrow investment mandate affords us the luxury of dedicating our energy, resources and expertise into constantly honing and refining an extremely specialized skill set catered to the office sector.  As a specialized investor, we are keenly focused on staying ahead of office trends both big and small – from local market micro dynamics to cyclical trends to secular shifts – and fluently understanding and mastering every facet of our business to ensure our company and portfolio remain on the leading edge of the industry.


Vertically-Integrated Platform:

True to our roots as a real estate operator, our firm’s core competency remains our real estate expertise.  Our management team possesses an extensive real estate background across a variety of disciplines, including transactions, redevelopment and construction, property management, operations and engineering, leasing and asset management.  As a result of these robust technical and operational capabilities, we often target complex investments that enable us to utilize this in-house expertise to mitigate real estate risk while simultaneously maintaining the associated outsized returns.


Decentralized Coverage:

Unlike most real estate private equity fund managers with centralized coverage and decision-making, our organization is built around our team of Regional Directors – senior investment professionals who live and work in their respective markets.  This disparate geographic approach permits concentrated, deliberate and detailed focus on localized information, relationships and nuance.  Such decentralized coverage provides for much deeper and thorough knowledge of each micro-market, which ultimately helps to allow us to recognize granular trends before they fully develop and are recognized by the broader market.  Recognizing these trends early – in conjunction with leveraging our robust local relationships to source opportunities that will benefit from these trends – is the heart of our ability to identify and exploit pricing inefficiencies and a key to our alpha-driven investment philosophy.